Attorney Lamanna represents clients with serious personal injuries and will develop a customized settlement for your long term care and support. 

She has more than 20 years of experience fighting for victims in cases of negligence, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and catastrophic workplace injuries.

Business Litigation

A DCF proceeding requires you to go on the offensive at the earliest stage of the proceedings. Attorney Lamanna knows that once DCF gets custody of your children the deck is stacked against you. She will assert your right to a hearing within 72 hours of removal of your children and will force DCF to prove their case or develop a custody plan that keeps your children in your home. Attorney Lamanna has won hundreds of emergency hearings preventing lasting trauma to children. She will work with you to appeal findings of abuse and neglect and get them removed from your record. 

Personal Injury

Attorney Lamanna has more than 20 years of experience handling divorce, high conflict visitation, guardianships, and paternity cases. Since divorce is an unplanned and costly process, Attorney Lamanna works with you to create a litigation strategy designed to achieve your maximum benefit and meet your family's needs.  

Family Law

Criminal Defense

Attorney Lamanna represents consumers and businesses in all types of litigation, including Chapter 93A, breach of contract, and closely held business disputes. She represents both plaintiffs and defendants in district, superior, and federal court.  

DCF Defense

Attorney Lamanna will launch an aggressive defense for you from the beginning of your case. At your first consultation Attorney Lamanna personally conducts a detailed interview to get your side of the story. She will then take the prosecutor's case apart piece by piece, exploring available defenses, identifying police procedural errors, and developing a strategy specifically tailored to the facts of your case. Many of our cases are won without ever going to trial due to our aggressive pre-trial practices.  

Lamanna Law

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